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About T.J.  life enhancement training mentor.

Apart from having her start in brutal environment (in the home and unforgiving elements of the country) in the most Northern part of China on the border of Mongolia where she was deeply influenced by the Mongolian Shamanic spiritual awareness of nature and  her clients, she discovered that every human has the potential to connect to this wisdom nature of man. She was deeply involved in profound deep meditation that brought her to merging with the wisdom within her ancestral memory. As she applied that to her life with the help of spirit forces within and without. She has also studied Martial Arts; Aikido, Qi Gong, Tai Chi, Dance, Classical Piano. She has spoken five languages. Literally grew up with the five languages.

This is what she has to say about the depth of her journey with her clients. Her clients are the ones that influenced her research. Each client requires a personalised approach. In their training and mentoring, TJ Powers is always discovering new levels of unravelling the truth within. This is then followed by deep research into scientific evidence. Consistently, she found it in ancient writings, not in western model of science.

Western science believes there is nothing beyond the physical. The mystics have always known the power of the spirit world. Vedic sciences are far more advanced. Vedic science takes in the entire being.

In this video you'll meet some of most powerful healers, researchers, masters and philosophers that TJ has been privileged to meet. It begins with my her speaking to people as they share what it feels like to participate in this level of healing.


A strong background in Health Retreats after successful career in interior design and project co-ordination working with elite clients. Her works were commissioned, no general walk in traffic

Hi I'm TJ, never satisfied with the ordinary, I began to research the world I was born into because my home was not a good place to be. It was cruel and empty of connection. This took me on a journey of connecting with people who were actually living the life they love.

I wanted to know how they achieved that. I became a researcher of peoples lives. I would not believe blindly, I checked the sources. As I looked around at the average persons life and the choices they made from the list of options the system set up for us, I knew that we have all been sold lies right from birth. 

At two years or age I remember asking why am I here and what is going on around me. How I know that is; I was telling my mother about an event I remember - her reply was, that can't be, you were only two at that time.

Since that time I searched for people who also wanted more from their life. On my path I came across remarkable business people, healers, parents, families, sports people, leaders, spiritual teachers. I took most of the paths not content to just study I walked with them, shared meals with them and worked with some of the most amazing aware entrepreneurs on this planet.

On my way I re-discovered my true gift; my ability to connect with the source energy through Body Work while working at premier health resorts. This approach flowed into my personal development work.

About my beginning

I began my journey of questioning life between the ages of two and four. I recall that clearly as if it was yesterday. At a funeral of a About the beginningfamily friend my spirit let out this overwhelming cry;

"is that all there is! We are born to just do as we are told.

Where is my life?

Where is their life?

Just to die without having really lived.

To be buried deep into the earth!"

"I want more, this is my life I cannot believe there is no more than following instructions from humans who have no will of their own."

Just go along with what someone else's ideas of how we should live and feel.

That is Slavery that's incarceration of the worst kind. There are no bars yet we are not free.

Everyone is suffering, most are not happy yet they just go along with what someone else has written. Why did they feel they have a right to enforce what they believed onto others.

More importantly, why did people just go along with it all as if they had no will of their own. Remember I'm just around two years old. My spirit is eternal, my spirit spoke, I was outraged.

Life experiences.

People see the entire world purely from their personal life experiences as if nothing else exists. This is obvious for most people that I come across regardless of how much they travelled of how many people they met. Almost as if there is this bubble around us that we see through rather than allow ourselves to embrace as other truths that are absolutely real and available for everyone.

You are a master, and master always expands into new dimensions.

You want to know your Mentor because you want to know that she have lived enough. That she has asked the kind of questions that you up until now perhaps have not asked of anyone including yourself. If you have, then often that question is not followed through to a definable answer that is never satisfied. Any answerneeds to be experienced and followed through to satisfy the soul, it cannot remain a theory. You are a master, and master always expands into new dimensions. A master is never bored. A master is forever evolving.

Have you ever asked yourself why life is the way it is?

I continued to seek, ask questions. But my parents were not the kind one could ask. They were abusers, totally unavailable to themselves, each other, let alone to me or my sister. They both had a very difficult childhood and believed that was normal behavior in all families, mother still believes that.

When there is more at stake it is only then do we question our existence.

Next big question came during religious instructions. Then there were many others. This is a good time to give more of my background. I was born in China, my parents are Russian. We lived in a town that was heavily populated by Russians near Mongolian border. Snow and ice in winter warm in summer. We had our own churches, schools restaurants and a large community. Chinese had their own schools. Our immediate neighbours were Chinese, so I grew up speaking both languages.

This I'll cover more in the video to come.

We were sponsored out to Australia. I recall getting the news; this man walked through blizzard and snow knee deep, to deliver the letter (we had moved). He had read the letter and was as excited as we were that finally we had a country was ready to take us otherwise we were headed for Brazil, for that reason he did not wait for the blizzard to blow over. We grabbed his hands and danced in a circle round and round ecstatic. If it was not for him, we would not be here. Right now I feel deep gratitude for the man and & I wonder where he ended up.

No one else asked any questions.

In Australia I attended Russian school on Saturdays where we also received religious instructions. We with priest were reading a passage from the bible. On that day we read about the first people on earth how God mad Adam & Eve and how their children went off to get married.

"What get married, I thought you said they were the first people on planet earth!" (the way it was read to us they were the only people on earth and they lived in the Garden of Eden, God made them. "So where did the their children find others to marry." I questioned. The priest did not give me an answer. Again I was furious and confused, more about the fact that no one else asked any questions or even supported me in that question.

Why didn't they want to know. How come I have questions, yet others just believe any story someone gives them? Why do people not question anything? I was convinced I was living on the craziest planet. What am I doing on this planet with people who are who do not want think for themselves? This seemed a very reasonable question to ask yet no one else cared. They just did as they were told like sheep.

Not to be trusted.

I was ten at that time yet I remember as if it is now. Even at that age I had no time for ignorance regardless of the source.

I knew then that "the world devoid of an inquisitive mind is dangerous at best."

Not to be trusted. So I began to look outside the village, beyond the authority figures who were programmed to believe what they were told. These people enforced on society belief systems that did not ad up. I believed nothing because there was this knowing (that almost all of us continued to ignore. I searched to expand my knowledge beyond the ordinary.).

First year in Australia

I began to study classical piano, I was eight learning yet another language 'English' we lived with Greek people, so I began to speak conversational Greek. Children pick things up from their environment and make it theirs.

I spoke Russian, some Chinese, Polish at work, Greek, English. Music is also a language. Learning piano without a piano came with solutions. I used a friends piano. I'd go to their home for practice. Most of my practice was scales. My musical studies I took seriously. Exams at the conservatorium of music and performed on stage including city hall.

Finding true masters from the eastern traditions.

With the same active mind that also follows through with experience is how I approach this current movement of Tantra.

I study broad and deeply. Basking questions differently until I have many answers. I find true masters from the eastern traditions then I know what is just people's ignorance and what is truth. You can do the same thing, it's all out there you just need to want to have different answers.

Just people doing as they are told again. Sheep following more sheep. Insane.

In 1960's it was the flower children movement. In 1970's women were all looking at their genitals with the help of a mirror. Now they are providing selfies of genitalia that is sold as a very expensive book by one of the Tantric Schools. When we look at it in this context, it's obvious we are stuck in the base chakra the chakra of survival. When this chakra is opened correctly it becomes the foundation of creativity and abundance. All fear of survival disappears and we begin to live the life we were born to live.

There is no savior outside of ourselves.

TJ is a visionary, a businesswoman, with a strong background in interior design and project co-ordination working with elite clients. Her works were commissioned, no general walk in traffic. (this approach and attitude continues in her bodywork and Life Coaching with you). She has also studied Martial Arts; Aikido, Qi Gong, Tai Chi, Dance, Classical Piano. Her piano ability by the age of thirteen and fourteen placed her City Hall stage, she has also backed a dance group, and at the age of 12 was offered students by her piano teacher.

Together we can create anything all we need is two or more people. Even the Bible tells us that.

When you read the Bible with open mind, ask questions; it becomes a history book. But who writes history? People. The Bible has been re-written over and over again depending upon the king of the time. Again we are being manipulated.

People of influence are ones I began to seek. People who made their own way in life. Shaman for instance, I heard stories of what they referred to as miracles. Even at the age of three I knew there was no such thing as miracles. That "miracles are truths that cannot be reached by the ordinary mind."

As I matured I sought spiritual teachers, life coaches became a designer where I was involved in every aspect of million dollar projects. From conception to completion in every aspect of the project, responsible for every step. This meant managing teams of manufacturers importers deliveries contractors etc. All work was completed on time.

Working with the best people.

Working with people who pride themselves in going beyond what was required of them. Never did they say it cannot be done. We always found a way, created through collaboration. That was the highest level of Tantra. Yes Tantra.

Tantra is about merging collaborating coordinating completing then creating again differently.

When we create we are powerful, respected, regarded and treated incredibly well. Clearly most people have not really lived beyond the mundane. Stuck in fear unaware that the basics are taken care of if we work together.

Then we can grow, the rest of the chakras open only when our basic needs are satisfied; food water shelter and someone to share that with. Then we are unstoppable, we are free to explore who we are and why we are here on Earth.