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Linga Yoni forces coming together. Stonehenge is Linga & Yoni emitting sound and vibration.

The linga and the yoni without exception coexist mutually. Linga and Yoni are present at all times on the level of yang and yin. The linga is combined with the yoni below it, the standing stone and the ring base, simulating union of male and female energies. Without the Yoni the Linga cannot stand. As they merge, they are felt as connection to electro-magnetic forces.

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Also, the linga as it moves creates a yoni, in its movement that point of Linga can create a circle. This is

represented in the circular movement of planets, stars, our world of Linga Yoni forcesnature. The central leading light is the linga and its field of revolution is the sphere called the yoni. Both Linga and Yoni are within your body and everything around us are elements of male and female energies. Remember everything is energy.

Ignorance destroys the truth and creates separation between couples.

The linga and the yoni always go together. They represent opposites, as the upward and downward symbols of energies. The linga joined with the yoni below it. It is the standing stone and the ring base. This represents electro-magnetic forces.

All teaching on human sexuality have reduced Lingam and Yoni to sexual organs and in doing so shutting down the ultimate connection of the two. This begins to destroy relationships by degrading the truth. The most effective way to degrade the truth is to ignore it.

Linga Yoni Principals Represented in Sacred Sites. 

Stonehenge, and many sacred sites that have standing stones when we observe from different perspective; are obviously formed into great circles. The union of the linga and yoni is obvious. These stones represent cosmic male and female or Shiva- Shakti principles. Both linga and the yoni are united in the chakra. the vortexes and Kundalini. The linga as the keystone and the yoni as the contour. Feelings of male and female energies are recognised and felt as immersion.

The Shiva energy is the upward current flowing through the spine or Sushumna and the Shakti energy is the horizontal current through which it travels. This you can hear clients referring to energies from center moving the energies to filling the entire body. These combined forces are essential to creating this dynamic motion.

Inner Pillar of Light.

The experience of the Shiva Linga is a definite sensation of a pillar of light. Felt as vibrational energy followed or preceded by, peace, expansion of the body/ mind. Opening the inner eye can often be felt as pressures in various parts of our brain. Deep peace and calmness pours into the body. Radiating waves, currents are felt as they move through the physical and energetic bodies Other feeling of spheres and whirlpools of Shakti forming expressions of grace, love and wisdom in the ever present now. Our body becomes the awareness of the linga as you feel connected to the entire universe.

Separation Disappears Transmuting into Unity.

Separation disappears as definite unity is not just felt or said but also demonstrated into physical expression. The mind is calm. Our ability to be in touch with our inner Being. stress and disturbances of the world disappear. Feeling the Linga and Yoni uniting flows, caresses your entire being. Every aspect of your life is transformed touching every area of your life.