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"The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift."

- Albert Einstein



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Shamanic Body De Armouring the path of self knowledge, a powerful process that builds the bridge to love that reconnects you to your Spirit & Soul.


Leila describes how she was able to let go of control. This brought to the surface what she has been terrified of since age 16. Listen to what happened next in this video above.

Shamanic Body De Armouring Opens Brilliance of your Soul. Rise above your current circumstances and better yourself. Conquer boundaries as your limitations drop away   

Here are just some of the benefits

  • Melt limiting beliefs.

  • Connect to your life consciously as your body merges with your souls sincere purpose.

  • Move freely through your thoughts. 

  • Learn to reconnect to Mother Earth. 

  • Explore the divine pleasures of life.  


  • Connect with like-minded individuals as you begin to live in balance between yourself, others and mother nature.

Shamanic Body De Armoring increases your vibration to raise your frequency that raise your vibrations available as personal sessions through a private retreat, or group sessions as well as volunteer training In volunteer training is where you put your knowledge into practice under supervision. Please contact us for details of the sessions of your choice. All participants encouraged to experience all of the above options for optimum benefit.

Shamanic Body De Armouring benefits

  • Gain Experience by unlocking full potential of your soul.
  • Develop Dynamic Attitude that eliminates resistance.
  • Tap into your purpose.

Shamanic Body De Armouring is an powerful healing process that connects you to your purpose.

This affectively begins to your reconnection to the pineal gland that is your linga.

First by freeing past traumas trapped within the body. The picture above on your left is of pineal gland that is responsible for remarkable health and pleasure.

This process releases and expands life force energy connecting you to vital bliss joy & ecstasy. This process is all about connecting you to your inner consciousness that is your connection to universal knowledge. Your mentors personal life experiences the challenges and the wins are firm foundation of this therapy.

This Shamanic Body De Armouring meets each individuals specific needs by awakening your senses that increase sensitivity to enhanced life experiences.

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Guidance to Self Healing awareness
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  6. Tantric Buzz and does it work or is it just and adult service Video
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I'm feeling your soul touching me, a lot of the time you are not even touching me touching me.
You've awakened all my Senses and I Soulthank you for that

  -- James 2011