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Living Tantra for Business, Personal Health and Relationship Healing Begins When Time Stands Still.

Harmonise Dysregulated Urgent Reactive Energies

To accumulate mental energy it is essential we prepare completely to meet organic energy that brings quality of the mind and emotions that sees things through all the way to the end. This level of Tantra is dedicated to make this world a better place. A way to be of service to human kind that rewards us financially, emotionally and spiritually in this lifetime on this earth. 

Mostly people are fragmented as Mental and Physical energies dominate our life. This creates disturbances and imbalances. When the division stops there is no hierarchy, therefore no competition in your body/mind.

We enter into stillness of no time. Only when time stops can we hear our inner wisdom. Let these links below speak for themselves. Don't try to make sense of the content, just allow the stories to flow over you and caress your soul body into connection.

 Davids storyDavids storyDavids story

This is David's Story follow in the link;

The Orgasm happened within my body and it travelled up inside of my body.  

 "For those who would love to feel the vibration of the earth I describe & the feelings clients describe in their recordings here"

Adventure a journey, your discovery of your entire being. All Through Massage that awakens Pleasures you never thought possible

I kept on searching and searching, then I found your website.

When I called - you made me feel special.

Here I've discovered a unique Understanding that;

Your Tantra IS Not a set regime like everyone else does.


-- Jimmy 11th March 2012

When you’re on the other side of the fence and reading about what you offer but you think you’re claiming a lot more than I perceive to be actually possible

You think it’s going to be good AND IT ACTUALLY IS.

It’s changed my whole view completely I suppose we are so distorted of our views of sex and sexuality.

You took me far beyond my own resistancemuch further that I have been able to, I was able to let you into my space without feeling threatened or manipulated, I let go of resistance...


This letting go, allowed the pleasure energy to flow...


-- Matthew 14th March 2012


Jimmy speaks about how he was going to call when he saw the number.

Then he thought that he would like to know more about this particular Tantra. So he found the pages that really made a difference to his idea of what tantra really is. As he says, he went to this page then that page. He found it was completely different to what he expected. Most important link is;

Jjimmy refers to this page, about Dr Urban the book of Sex perfection 

More clients share their unique experiences here

Tantric Rituals have long been practiced with skill and awareness opening you up to much more than just sexual pleasure.

Have you ever wondered whether there were more than just the pedestrian level of Tantric services that are generally offered.

If you feel that all Tantra services are the same. I guarantee this is a delightful surprise a remarkable journey. 

Tantric massage can unblock any resistance that restricts you.
Welcome to an unforgettable Tantra magic experience.

  1. All energy is sexual energy and its transformation is key in everyday life,

  2. Not just for spiritual purposes

  3. And not for just Sex.

When you leave my premises your pleasure travels with you.

  • Do you feel tired, stressed, have aches and pains, seeking a tender understanding touch that heals nurtures and cares.
  • Perhaps you are lonely, or in a difficult relationship, or coming out of one and need to truly reconnect with yourself.
  • Had a demanding week need time to yourself?
  • Or do just wish to spoil yourself and explore Authentic Tantra Massage for nurturing loving experience.
  • I’ll take you to feelings in your body you have never felt before.
  • Welcome to the Most comprehensive yet uncomplicated Ethical Tantra Massage Service.
  • This Tantric living massage content is so unexpected that
  • I’m here to guide you through the content, of my totally unique service.
  • A guaranteed different experience.
  • Hi I am Tasha and I love what I do.
  • Your are thoroughly pampered with loving caring experienced hands
  • Feel you pleasures resonate trough-out your entire body
  • With consistent connection that never leaves you wondering what you should be feeling.
  • You are never questioning what you should be doing
  • We continue to be robbed of truly remarkable feelings of ecstasy and satisfaction and intimacy with ourselves..

Despite the media we live in such a flat world of attitude, sensual feelings relationships and services,

It is my experience that people are tired of techniques holding back rituals, couples are becoming aware that any teaching of technique takes them away from being connected,

Are you single seeking to feel more deeply connected to their pleasure with no mental chatter.




What if there was an entirely different Tantra.

 ‘Withholding’ something is just not allowing us to be one with anyone including & especially ourselves.




You can feel this as well - and - often in the first appointment.

Kundalini awakening allows you to experience Full Body orgasm without ejaculation, without even a thought about holding back.

Through the massage you'll feelings you never thought possible as I connect you with your unique sexual energy that radiates throughout your entire body.

  • Understanding your body
  • Understanding female body
  • Feeling female energy build
  • Feeling power of male energy build

The energies merging in such power that you feel as if the earth is vibrating similar to my vibrations I describe in my about Tasha page "as my partner reached and my body instantly vibrated and so did his".

This is your journey here all through massage as every ache is massaged providing free flow of life force energies.

As the Kundalini awakens the urge to control disappears, you become the orgasm rather than making the orgasm.

Fist your body is prepared - the passage for the Kundalini needs to opened.

This takes the confusion out of what is orgasm and what is ejaculation.

In the link below is a story of a man while he was massaging his wife.

  • He saw the body of his wife surrounded by a greenish-blue hazy light. Moving his palm close to her breast a visible and audible electric spark jumped from the breast to the palm of his hand to read more click below.
  • How Islanders have a preparation for sex link here
    Expanded Orgasm,
  • my Expanded orgasm is rather different to the link in Wikipedia in the page link below..
  • How it differs is that here all the chakras are engaged right at the beginning through unique resonance... the page with the link is.



Monday – Friday 8:30 – 7:30pm
Saturday 10am – 8pm(AEST)
Sunday 9am – 8pm(AEST)

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Build confidence by Asking for more from your own life.

Deeply nurturing, supportive healing Services promoting Sexual energy awakening, just for you. Tailored to your needs, personalised; here we create your own Private Label.

Authentic White Tantra Massage for men & Women a Retreat for your Entire being.

With deep concern for relationships, sexual health & the deep need everyone has to understand their sexuality which dominates our lives

 from the day we are born.

Tantra massage for the man

Tantra massage for the man, healing for the body and soul.

  • Man has been abused and misused as much as women have.
  • The media has divided us into opposing parties.
  • We are designed to be complementary.
  • For millions of years authorities have continued to mislead couples. Because when couples are truly bonded; they cannot be fooled by outside forces.
  • We want you to be a power couple.
  • If you are single, help you cultivate the right relationship right from the beginning.
  • But first let’s get you right.


I also work with some of the most complex situations in life to rejuvenate your body systems through Ancient Techniques.


Working with various issues including;

  • Impotence.
  • Sexual addiction.
  • Premature ejaculation.
  • erectile dysfunction.
  • Emotional detox.
  • Deal with negative emotions.
  • Release stuck energies.
  • Low sex drive.
  • Inability to trust.
  • Remove stagnant energy.
  • Open energy channels and seal them so you no longer are leaking your energies.
  • Heal chakras.
  • connect with your flow so you can feel your partners flow.


Our appointment begins by supporting you in actually feeling your multiple streams of consciousness that physically affect all your relationships. Your physical streams of consciousness are as basic as understanding how to find programs in your computer, or apps on your phone.


If you do not know these feelings are there, you will not look.

These feelings are always there.

Just because you’re not aware of them doesn’t mean they are not affecting you.

Becoming conscious being is foundation for being an amazing companion, business man and family man. You are all of those all the time. Not just turning up a part of you and parking the rest of you somewhere else. Doing it that way that is hard work.


 What happens in our Session


During this session you will be guided to feel and acknowledge the messages within your body. The greatest c  hallenge in relationships is communication. Because of our upbringing we’re conditioned to be separate. Conditioned to just do as we are told from an outside source. In this video a client shares his realisation after receiving eternal flame initiation. How he clearly see the quality of all his past relationships.

  • Bringing loving relationships into your life. 
  • Loving relationships are about being totally present.  
  • Begin by identifying when you are connected and when you are disconnected.   
  • In my experience, men have been forgotten.  
  • Your balanced healthy emotional state is your loving state.  


Tantra massage for the man is dedicated to identify your personal normal.


If you are this man regardless of your position in society, you are looking for gentle yet powerful support that lasts.   Your life is your personal branding.   How you walk, talk, eat, breathe are representation of how you feel about yourself.   How you feel about your place in the world.   Here you get clear on  how you are representing yourself  Get the tools that  empower you to live life on your terms. Have clear  definable support.

Tantra massage for the man is dedicated to identify your personal normal.

Tantra massage for the man takes you to this place of suspended ecstasy with absolutely no effort. You will not be exhausted as your often are. These issues are still repressed and suppressed.  Tantra massage for the man Addresses if required;

  • Premature ejaculation.  
  • Erectile issues.  
  • For some inability to climax or going too long that is frustrating and painful to their partner.  
  • Any physical discomfort.  
  • Need for nurturing.  
  • Desire for genuine touch.  
  • Emotional frustration.  
  • Sexual frustration.  
  • Lack of sexual satisfaction.  
  • Desire to   feel connected.  
  • Did you know over 75% of men are premature or have erectile issues. The solutions is usually very simple. Simple when you know the source. Here we identify the source while combining it with solution.



Monday – Friday 8:30 – 7:30pm
Saturday 10am – 8pm(AEST)
Sunday 9am – 8pm(AEST)

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Tantra Massage for Women.

Massage for Women. This work is unique and specific for each situation. When issues arise, often this is a sign that part of your soul is disengaged from your body.

Massage for Women works directly with your soul body and physical body. “I want to feel  whole” is what I hear from women every day. This first video is designed to present my intention to   make sure you educated about depth of tantra that is possible.

Many women have had tears through birthing. Others have experienced sexual abuse. All this affects your central energy channels. some had cesarean section leaving them with a scar. All this I address through the energy system of your body that connects you to your physical body. This approach can begin by working with  Chakra Kundalini   Connection for Women  . With that as your foundation your healing begins.

  • Heal sexual difficulties.  
  • Address anxiety. 
  • Heal relationship communication. 
  • emotional fulfilment. 
  • awakening of senses. 
  • awakening feminine power 
    • connecting with sensual aliveness. 
      • Stress; home or work issues. Address what is blocking you. 
      • Transforming life through feminine behaviour. 
      • Healing sexual abuse. 
      • Healing trauma. 
      • Emotional stress. 
      • Improve self esteem in intimate relationships. 
      • Improve self expression in workplace and family situations. 
      • Transforming life through tantra path. 
      • Dealing with hardships. 
      • Let go of excess baggage. 
      • Healing relationship issues. 
      • Letting go of past relationship trauma. 
      • Working with current relationship issues that are affecting your well-being.  

You are vulnerable when you are stressed and uninformed.

  • Letting go of survival mode.  
  • Letting go of insecurities. 
  • Healing chakras. 
  • Understanding spiritual over-stimulation and how that keeps you stuck. 
  • Learn how to harness your energy. 
  • Develop awareness of soul consciousness connection to your spiritual nature. 
  • Understand true meaning of Sacred Union. 
  • Balance masculine and feminine energies. 
  • Learn sacred communication skills to empower every area of your life. 
  • Personal sacred women’s meditation for clarity and focus. 
  • Love your body. 
  • Breathing and grounding techniques to still the mind and heal emotions. 
  • Reclaim your sense of self.  

Massage for Women takes you to your inner dimension that connects and transforms life in every area.

Whether you feel empty or overwhelmed, both of these feelings are a sign of being disconnected from your source.

During a traumatic event, your soul actually leaves your body. When it returns, a part of it is left behind. This can be described as pain, or hard knot in the stomach. Or even loss of feeling in some part of your body. For some sex or emotional intimacy becomes an issue. In this video a woman describes that it feels like when her soul fragments re-entered her body.  Cellular awakening massage for   Women by a Woman is a journey of self exploration and self expression consciously.




Monday – Friday 8:30 – 7:30pm
Saturday 10am – 8pm(AEST)
Sunday 9am – 8pm(AEST)

Call Tasha +61 430 417 039


Body and Soul connection through massage for women brings together challenges and solutions in the moment.

Sexual health through exploring your soul connection within Massage for Women session one. 


What we’ll explore through Massage for Women.
  • Discovering deeper level of your being. 
  • Improve relationship with yourself. 
  • To stop the mind chatter, the busyness that goes on and on. 
  • Address fatigue, aches and pain within their body. 
  • Re-connection therapies following a break up or traumatic experiences. 
  • Difficult birth or to regain her femininity and desire. 
  • Dealing with betrayal by their partner, co-worker, boss, friend or family member. 
  • To discover what they are unaware of within their bodies and emotions. 
  • Soulular issues (past life that seems to repeat itself). 
  • Spiritual connection. 
  • Sexual difficulties or victims of physical or emotional abuse. 
  • Victims and survivors of rape. 
  • Their partner no longer finds them desirable. 
  • difficulty in connecting with your partner.  




Monday – Friday 8:30 – 7:30pm
Saturday 10am – 8pm(AEST)
Sunday 9am – 8pm(AEST)

Call Tasha +61 430 417 039

Massage for Women introduces you to your    Resonance feelings. 

  • In majority of men and women, both the male and female energies have also been damaged.  
  • Healing the male and female energies is at the core of this level of massage for women and living. Massage for Women the Tantric way connects you to your inner being. Women and men seek to be as one with their chosen lover.  


Never allow yourself to be manipulated into hypnotic trance induced by another person who may not even know that they are interfering with your energies.

Now women are told to become vulnerable. You are already vulnerable if someone has the audacity to tell you so.

Here in your Tantric Pulse Massage for Women, you are supported in exploring your strengths and set them up as permanent structure.

When you come from your strength, energy is not spent on self protection. When you are in state of self protection, you are weakened. Because all your energy is set up for defence. That takes tremendous effort on your part.




Monday – Friday 8:30 – 7:30pm
Saturday 10am – 8pm(AEST)
Sunday 9am – 8pm(AEST)

Call Tasha +61 430 417 039

I Tasha, present Conscious Transformational Tantra massage therapies training & Retreats. 


The soul is a symphony. 

It plays out its many thoughts 

 until the thoughts become too many for the mind, 

and the mind finally begs for peaceā€¦ 

finally quieted, the mind is ready to come Home.

In the coming home of the mind

is the opening to the Divine Self

It is not a leaving of your human life. 

It is finally in awareness that you are in the human life,

you are the one you are Seeking

And of this glory there is no forgetting. 

There is no separation of thought, mind, soul spirt body any more.

 There is only peace. 

Let nothing be more precious to you than the breath of peace

and the will of tolerance, bliss, harmony and peace, patience and joy, love, compassion.

Your Persanalised Tantric Bodyworker -- Tasha J Powers.


Couples Relationship Therapy.

Couples relationship therapy

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Transforming dispassionate life that keeps us busy in our head. Emotional and mental issues are product of conditioned mind that can't let go. Listen to the letting go process. More...

Disconnection healing Journey

nature of disconnect

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At the center of your being you have the answer; you know who you are and you know what you want. 

-- -- Lao Tzu