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What is important for each human being. Want to KNOW Key to knowing yourself is by accessing your natural intuitionYOURSELF FIRST Most people live in fear of their inner unknown nature.

They live in beliefs that have been downloaded from authority rather than inner knowing. If you just believe then you are at the mercy of those who know.

Know Yourself First.

Key to knowing yourself is by accessing your natural intuition.

Highly intuitive people live differently because they do different things. Albert Einstein referred to it as the "Sacred Gift". Steve Jobs is quoted as having said that intuition is far more powerful than intellect. Use your intuition as you read this page how you do that is; become aware of your breath.

Begin to connect to your "Sacred Gift" as you read.

NOW - begin to feel yourself connecting with the rhythm of your breath.

Your Breath Connecting with your Mind and Body becomes your Path to Your Soul. This is your gift here and now on your planet.

When you are engaged in anything on all these levels then you Understanding healinganything before you (such as this content) serves or hinders your life here on earth.

Now direct your breath to the letters on this page.

Feel your breath touch the screen and meaning behind the words that are specific to you and the life around you.

Now feel the page as an extension of you through the breath.

As you do this page and the content of this site speaks to you from almost another dimension connecting your to your intention.

You can feel your truth on another level. That is the beginning to the connection to your "sixth sense".

Now you have consciously connected to the environment around yoFoce of Prana is your pillar of enegy forcesu. Then you can learn it can affect you and the people around you. 

On a deeper level that we are not aware of how we are affected by the choices we make unconsciously.

Practice consciousness daily.

First Appointment begins with introduction to your inner connection.

Transmutation of Life Secrets are within you. T J uses her knowledge and life experiences to guide you through connection to your Soul. For more about your coach's life challenges and experience enter here.

Understanding Healing.

Generation of the Prana linga application of Prana at a deep yet subtle level is what permits powerful healing and rejuvenation.

To be conscious of the highest level of adventures of life we must get in touch with the primal powers of being, as well as the physical needs such as sex and food. As we develop our connectedness we merge with deeper aspects of our being-ness. Human sexuality is just one of the many aspects expressions of the electromagnetic forces of duality.

Awareness of Repeating Habitual acts.

Time to learn about the cosmic energy behind human sexuality instead of reducing spiritual polarities to acts that are familiar to us. When we continue to repeat the known there is no spiritual growth or physical satisfaction.

Human Nature.

In expressions of our human nature, there are a variations of linga and their distinguishing marks.

The force of Prana is your linga or pillar force keeping the physical body according to the original elements.

This is the internal ‘Prana Linga’. Our deeper intelligence - letting go of intellect removes the programming/conditioning by connecting us to the power of insight to discern superior realities. The ‘Buddhi Linga’. or higher Self is the vital linga or Definitive energy of our nature that continues to expand throughout all of our life by accessing universal river of knowledge. continue