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Tantric Massage Authentic White Tantra; for men a& Women a Retreat for your Entire being.

With deep concern for relationships, sexual health & the deep need everyoneAuthentic White Tantra Massage for men a& Women a Retreat for youAuthentic White Tantra Massage for men a& Women a Retreat for your Entire being.r Entire being. has to understand their sexuality which dominates our lives from the day we are born.

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This is David

David has been premature pretty much all of his life, like many men he was deeply embarrassed about that.  He chose to share as he reflects uponhis experience following Tantra Massage with Tasha.  

David has just received his Private Kundalini Authentic White Tantra Massage he recalls his experience "I now realize the premature ejaculation is actually a built in response to the pain not the pleasure. So, it's a reaction of let’s get this over with a quickly as possible, because it's just too painful. And, what I felt with this massage is that -

The Orgasm happened within my body and it travelled up inside of my body.    

The most important thing for me to realize is that I've been ignoring the pain and that's sad. I'm seeking sex but it's not relieving anything because the pain is what stops it. So you rush through it but you don't get the release. So you get a tiny bit of release, that's the ejaculation, you have a moment of relaxation but it's not a complete release.

The Body Orgasm that I've just experienced; that's much more of a release and it doesn't even stop, it can go on. I am full of energy it's coursing all around the body; my body is still shaking just under the surface. I'm very much alive at the moment, very grounded. Now the water I'm drinking water and it has so much flavor to it I feel the energy of the water going all through my body, all the way to my legs. It's the energy of the flavors’ - the flavor is like electricity. It's energy with a flavor. The taste tells a whole story merging with the body.

Names have been changed to protect clients’ identity (deeper reasons are being added in new page coming soon)

Below are two clients sharing with you their unique experiences. 

Mary speaks about her unique Tantra Massage experience  

John Shares his Concepts Tantra Massage experience. At this point he is dressed and we are reflecting upon the feelings that he discovered that were not there previously.   

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 When you’re on the other side of the fence and reading about what you offer but you think you’re claiming a lot more than I perceive to be actually possible

You think it’s going to be good AND IT ACTUALLY IS.

It’s changed my whole view completely I suppose we are so distorted of our views of sex and sexuality.

You took me far beyond my own resistance much further that I have been able to, I was able to let you into my space without feeling threatened or manipulated, I let go of resistance...
This letting go, allowed the pleasure energy to flow...

-- Matthew 14th March 2012

 I kept on searching and searching, then I found your website.

When I called - you made me feel special.

Here I've discovered a unique Understanding that;

Your Tantra IS Not a set regime like everyone else does.

-- Jimmy 11th March 2012