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Wisdom & Immortality Begin When Time Stops




The most devastating thing we do to ourselves is allowing situations that repress us to continue.

"What you allow is what will continue.”

Often we continue to remain in same Coachiingcircles. We continue to be nice to those people around us. When you do that you are actually disregarding yourself and dis-empowering the people around you.

Most people repeat all positive quotes while they continue to allow the same crap to remain in their lives.

You have become comfortable in your discomfort. Everything you do is actually uncomfortable habit that tries to fit in and conform to people around you. This is false sense of security. Believing that "if I comply with people I will be liked and accepted".

The truth is that you are not happy. You are just tolerating the intolerable.

You faithfully turn up to more crap. Nothing changes while you continue to please those who cannot be pleased under any circumstances. These people are just like you, unhappy and unfulfilled.

This coaching is designed specifically for each individual. We identify how you are affected and frustrations you continue to life with. When you stop allowing this rubbish then you will discontinue these inappropriate behaviors in you and in others. Define you place in this lifetime and stop complying and compromising.